Wrafton's Inn

Wrafton’s Inn

WraftonA refuge for wanderers in the west of the Nentir Vale, Wrafton’s Inn. This spacious inn and tavern serves as the public house for the region, and is the only one of its kind in Winterhaven itself. Like alehouses everywhere, Wrafton’s Inn offers beer, wine, and, on occasion, spirits. Meals are served for those with the coin, and beds for travelers are available. A crowd of villagers gathers each night to drink, gossip, sing, and play games of chance.

In addition to village residents, any travelers passing through Winterhaven are found here.
Anyone in Wrafton’s knows the general history of the village and the nearby ruined keep.

Wrafton’s Inn is currently owned and run by Salvana Wrafton, and has a good reputation even as far as Fallcrest.

In addition to Salvana, following people can often be found in Wrafton’s Inn:
Eilian the Old
Valthrun the Prescient
Ernest Padraig

Wrafton's Inn

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