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Winterhavenpic Nestled in the foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks, the walled village of Winterhaven is the last outpost of civilization between the Nentir Vale and the wilds of the Stonemarch. Most residents of Winterhaven have never travelled beyond the village vale. The majority of villagers are farmers, though the walled heart of Winterhaven employs various craftspeople as well. Wagons occasionally head east down old King’s Road from Winterhaven to find trade with the next village of Fallcrest, which lies five days away. Sometimes wagons come into Winterhaven, causing the villagers to excitedly gather in the Market Square to hear news of the outside world and to buy new and exotic goods.

Population: 975. Most of the villagers are human farmers with homes and lands outside the walls. A scattering of dwarf families and a handful of individuals of other common races inhabit the village as well.

Government: Ernest Padraig is the Lord of Winterhaven, residing in his family’s ancestral manor and enjoying the benefits of wealth and privilege in the tiny village. He has little real power despite his hereditary title.

Defence: Lord Padraig commands the Winterhaven Regulars, a group of ten soldiers serving as guards and police officers in and around the walled village. If the village is threatened, Padraig can muster about fifty civilians to aid its defence.

Inns and Taverns: Wrafton’s Inn is the only public house in the region, offering beer, wine, and spirits as well as hearty meals and warm beds. A crowd of the local residents gather in Wrafton’s each night to drink, gossip, sing and play games.

Supplies: Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe offers a wide array of items for sale, including adventuring gear and occasionally common magic items. The dwarf smith Thair Coalstriker is skilled at crafting weapons and armour as well as more mundane metal items. The Market Square brings merchants and artisans from the surrounding lands to sell their wares.

Temples: The village temple is dominated by a shrine to Avandra, the god of luck and patron of explorers and frontier dwellers. Several other deities have altars in the temple as well, including Bahamut, Moradin, Pelor, and the Raven Queen.

Town Map & Key
Winterhaven map

  1. Outer Gate and Walls: Two guards are posted at the outer gate
  2. Wrafton’s Inn: This spacious inn and tavern serves as the public house for the region.
  3. Market Square: Every other day or so, carts and wagons gather in the square to offer goods to the people of Winterhaven. Once each week, the official Market Day calls villagers to shop and socialize in the square.
  4. Stables: Travellers can stable their mounts here for 2sp per day. On rare occasions, the stable master has a riding horse or wagon for sale.
  5. Smithy Thair Coalstriker runs the village blacksmith shop. People can purchase a variety of mundane wares here, including spikes, weapons, heavy armor, and so on. Simple weapons are readily available, but military weapons require one day to complete, and superior weapons require a week of work.
  6. Valthrun’s Tower: This five-story structure is the highest building in Winterhaven.
    The tower is rumored to be over 300 years old, and Valthrun the Prescient is its most recent resident.
  7. Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe: Bairwin Wildarson is the proprietor of this shop.
  8. Warrior Guild: Rond Kelfem, captain of the Winterhaven Regulars, also oversees the Warrior Guild. Winterhaven villagers can join the Warrior Guild and train, once per week, in basic sword and shield skills. The guild trains in Market Square on days when the market is not open. Some citizens earn militia pay (a few silver pieces per year) by training at least once per month and being on call for emergencies.
  9. Tenements: The large tenement structure features apartments for the village residents who don’t own farms or who work in the businesses within the walls. Several families also live in the homes (buildings labeled H) on the west side of the village. Most of the villagers who live outside the walls are farmers and crafters who bring their wares to the Market Square to sell or trade.
  10. Temple: This large stone structure is the village temple. Of the several deities worshipped by locals, Avandra, goddess of luck and change, is the most prominent. The temple priest, Sister Linora, runs services in the temple three times per week, but otherwise she is not often present.
  11. Inner Gate: Two guards are stationed here and question any who seek to visit Lord Padraig in his manor.
  12. Siege Supplies: Water, flour, and other basic foodstuffs stored here in the event of a siege.
  13. Barracks: The Winterhaven Regulars bunk here.
  14. Manor House: Staffed by five servants, the manor house where Lord Padraig, his wife, and their four sons live is a beautiful example of stone architecture in a village otherwise composed of thatch and wood.

Major Personalities or NPCs in Winterhaven

Bairwin Wildarson – Proprietor of Bairwin’s Grand Shop, Halfling Male
Delphina Moongem – Wildflower seller, Elf Female
Eilian the Old – Farmer, Human Male
Ernest Padraig – Hereditary Lord of Winterhaven, Human Male
Ninaran – Hunter, Elf Female
Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars, Human Male
Salvana Wrafton – Owner of Wrafton’s Inn, Human Female
Sister Linora – Temple Priest of Avandra, Human Female
Thair Coalstriker – Village Blacksmith, Dwarf Male
Valthrun the Prescient – Sage of Winterhaven, Human Male

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