Tor's Hold

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Tor’s Hold

Population: 141

Westernmost village in Harkenwold, Tor’s Hold is a group of steadings of that are largely an close-knit extended family, plus others who have settled in the area. While residing halfway between the King’s Road and the White River, residents of the hold maintain the equipment of the ferry south of the hamlet. The elder of the village is Bran Torsson.

Recent Developments

Since the Iron Circle’s coup, the regular protection offered by Baron Stockmer evaporated, and has been further complicated by a sudden increase of raids from Daggerburg marauders. Reithann suspects that Nazin Redthorn and the Iron Circle have struck some sort of alliance with the goblins in the Harken Forest allowing them to raid more aggressively without fear of reprisal.

Tor is unable to commit any troops to the rebel cause until the north shore of the White River is secure. Raiders from Daggerburg are using the Toadwallow Caverns as a forward operating base and ferry point to launch raids on Tor’s Hold and surrounding steadings.

Tor's Hold

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