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The Shadowfell

Knowledge of the Shadowfell is dependent upon one’s own knowledge base. This page shares the basics, while certain player-only information goes into more depth.

Basic Knowledge

In the world, knowledge of this realm is largely the realm of wizards and sages. Most people are vaguely aware that beyond the world, there are both bright and shadowy reflections of the world. The bright one is called the Feywild. The dark reflection bears the name “Shadowfell” and is often used to scare children in ghost stories.

Valthrun the Prescient shared with the party that the Shadowfell, while a place of darkness and shadows, it is not in and of itself evil. However, places of death and shadow in the world are often where the Shadowfell’s presence is felt the most. In the depths of Shadowfell Keep, there is a rift to a temple of Orcus within the Shadowfell itself.


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