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The Nentir Vale

Nentir vale discovered smalThe Nentir Vale was the northern frontier of the Empire of Nerath before it collapsed almost a century ago. In the final stages of the Empire’s collapse, was the Bloodspear War. Clan Bloodspear, a vicious tribe of Orcs that live in the regions of the Stonemarch beyond the Cairngorm Peaks invaded the area, razing most of the outposts including much of Fallcrest. The Orcs eventually ran out of steam and were beaten back by the remants of Nerath, but this was the final nail in the coffin of this Empire as a political entity. Towns and cities have largely remained on their own, establishing local ties only. Fallcrest has recovered somewhat since then, but is still less than half the population that it once was. Ruins of old farms and watchtowers are common in this area of the country. Travel between towns is hazardous, so hired swords are often employed.

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Civilized Communities

Civilization is a matter of perspective. However, these communities are largely regarded as “safe” communities within the Nentir Vale, where the rule of law exists in some capacity and people can live and work in relative peace. These communities vary in terms of the dominant populations. Fallcrest, Winterhaven and Harkenwold tend to have larger human populations, while Hammerfast is majority dwarven, and Thunderspire is truly a mix of all kinds.


Ruins and Hostile Sites

Shadowfell Keep
Gardmore Abbey

Geographic Features

Cairngorm Peaks
Winterbole Forest
Witchlight Fens
Harken Forest
Dawnforge Mountains
Nentir River
White River
Gardbury Downs
The Old Hills

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Nentir Vale

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