Nentir River

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The Nentir River

The central watercourse of the Nentir Vale is the river of the same name. All lakes, rivers, and creeks eventually find their way out of the vale by way of the Nentir River flowing through the Witchlight Fens. The River is too large to freeze in winter, except for maybe a few weeks in the coldest parts of the year. It makes it an ideal trade route for communities further south.

For the most part, the river is a smooth waterway, with the notable exception of the waterfalls in the aptly named town of Fallcrest. Much of the trade through the vale must come through the portage route that the town was founded around. Boats unload their goods at the Lower Quays in the town, to where they are either loaded onto caravans for overland journeys through the vale, or are carried to the upper quays where they continue northward.

Feeding Tributaries

While the headwaters of the Nentir River drain into Lake Nen, the Nentir River is not the only river in the vale. It is fed by other streams, including the Winter River from Lake Wintermist, as well as the White River which flows through Harkenwold. Smaller streams and creeks can be found throughout the vale, but only the Winter River, the White River, and the Nentir itself are used for the transport of goods.

Nentir River

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