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House Rules

This is more of a repository of some house rules that are either in play, or that we’re considering.

Gah! I keep rolling 1’s!!!

It appears that our dice are still rusty after some 25 years of not playing. I’ve not included any sort of fumble rule with this, given that in some sessions, the party has rolled far more 1’s than 20’s. There’s also the frustration that builds when a player keeps missing the target, even if it should otherwise be an easy roll! The consequence is that the players get frustrated, and combat encounters drag on far longer than they should. So here’s a proposal:

If a player rolls a miss that otherwise does not have an effect in combat (some “miss” results do half-damage, for example), they get to add +1 to their next attack roll on their turn. This is cumulative, so that a player who misses a target for 5 consecutive rounds will have a +5 bonus.

So uh… how do critical hits work?

This isn’t so much a house rule. Rather, I’ve messed up on this a couple of times, so forgive me. I did some digging and now have clarification.

When one rolls a critical hit (normally a natural 20), it delivers the maximum damage that the attack itself can normally do. So if the attack can deliver 1d10+4 damage, it will automatically be 14. This is pretty straightforward. However, there are a couple of additions to this. Magic weapons confer a bonus die roll of damage per plus. For a basic +1 magic weapon, it is +1d6, +2 is +2d6 etc. This damage is “extra” and is only added if a critical hit is rolled. This kind of damage is always rolled. So in the above example of the 1d10+4 damage would be 14+1d6 damage.

The confusion arises when certain class traits add bonus damage. A Rogue’s sneak attack damage, or a warlock’s curse damage. In this case, because this damage is always rolled normally as part of a standard damage roll, a critical hit would confer maximum damage on these dice as well.

As such, a Rogue hitting with a shortsword on a sneak attack would do approximately 1d6+4+2d6 damage normally. On a critical hit, this would be automatically 22.

House Rules

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