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Harkenwold smaller sizeThe Barony of Harkenwold is a broad valley just over 50 miles long and roughly 20 miles wide located between the arms of the Harken Forest. This primarily open land consists of gently rolling hills covered in a mix of cheery meadows, light forest with little undergrowth, and the occasional thicket. The climate is cool and rainy. Many small streams wind their way across the land, eventually joining the White River. These brooks are at most a few feet wide, and small footbridges cross them regularly.

Harkenwold’s total population is about 2,000, scattered across a half-dozen small hamlets and a score of isolated steadings. Most of the citizens are humans (50%), halflings (25%), and dwarves (20%), with a smattering of other folk (5%).

Harkenwolders living in the countryside are primarily farmers, shepherds or woodcutters. In the various hamlets and villages, there are woodworkers, smiths, carters, brewers, cheese makers, and leatherworkers. Other villagers often tend to the orchards and fields that surround them.


The ruler of Harkenwold is Baron Jonn Stockmer, an elderly man who was known for his strong sword arm in his youth. He is well liked by Harkenwolders, and is seen and experienced as a just and compassionate ruler.

Recent Developments

Six weeks ago, in a surprise raid, mercenaries of the Iron Circle ousted Baron Jonn Stockmer, holding him prisoner and declaring themselves the new rulers of Harkenwold. As their claim as the new authority, they enforce “tolls” and “taxes” upon the Harkenwolders which is a cover for pillaging and terrorizing the countryside. They demand a levy of food to supply the castle and offer their “protection” in exchange. The people have no love for their new masters, and yet with the soldiers of Harken Keep killed, captured, or scattered, who will stand up for the villages of this small land?

Harkenwold’s Steadings

A steading is a farm or homestead in Harkenwold’s countryside. Each of these settlements features a strongly built house of fieldstone and timber, surrounded by approximately 200 acres of pastureland and cropland. some steadings have defensive pallisades around the main house. A single extended family commonly lives in the house -two or three couples with their children, their older relations, and a few hired hands. Rarely do the inhabitants of a steading exceed 20 people.

The Villages of Harkenwold

Of course, the larger centres of Harkenwold are the villages. Each are covered in more detail here:

Tor’s Hold

Other Sites

Druid Grove
Woodsinger Camp


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