Harken Keep

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Iron Keep

Iron keepFormerly known as Harken Keep, Iron Keep is the largest castle in Harkenwold. Well reinforced and guarded, the Iron Circle has made it their base of operations in the region since wresting control of it from Baron Jonn Stockmer more than six weeks ago.

Some History

Originally built some 200 years ago to guard the King’s Road and the White River valley against monsters attacking from Thunderspire or the Dawnforge Mountains. Originally it consisted of the great tower and upper bailey. Time would take its toll, of course, and after the fall of the Empire of Nerath, the keep remained in use, but continued to show signs of neglect. When Jonn Stockmer became Baron 45 years ago, he embarked on a decades-long rebuilding and expansion of the stronghold, adding the lower bailey and repairing the rest of the castle (which was badly needed). The Baron employed many workers from within Harkenwold itself, which has accounted for much of Harkenwold’s prosperity over the past few decades. The project saw a more robust local businesses and trades.

Harken Keep

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