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Harken Village

Population: 212 (town), 60 (keep)
Note: Under Iron Circle rule, the keep at full strength is estimated to have over 100 mercenary occupants

7Referred to as Harken by the locals, this village is largest settlement in Harkenwold. Baron Jonn Stockmer lives in the keep, but can often be seen travelling throughout the village and the region. While his title is heriditary, Baron Stockmer knows that whatever authority he has comes out of the respect the people have for him. He has been careful to nurture a sense of ownership amongst the people, consulting with village elders and the people regularly.

Recent Developments

Jonn Stockmer was captured by the Iron Circle in a surprise raid on Harken Keep a number of weeks ago, and has not been seen since. Since no body has been produced, it is presumed that the aging baron is still alive, being held prisoner in his own keep.

Locations of Note

1. The Silver Nail The Broken Gaol: A (formerly) well-respected taphouse in Harken Village, residents of the region used to name this tavern as a good place for food and hearty drink after a hard day’s work. The taphouse pours some of the finest ales outside of Hammerfast, including those of the cliffside brewery. Since the arrival of the Iron Circle, the original owners have been driven out, and is “under new management” with the new moniker “The Broken Gaol.”
2. Harken Keep: The dominant structure of the village. It has now been dubbed Iron Keep by its new occupants, perhaps in homage to the keep of the same name managed by the organization outside of the city of Sarthel to the south.
3. Cliffside Brewery: With ales sold as far away as Hammerfast and Fallcrest, the three Ironbeard brothers make some of the finest ales in the Nentir Vale. Given that their kegs find a market in the dwarven stronghold to the north, it is a testament to their quality.
4. Old Kellar’s House: Home to a retired master stonecutter and mason, Kellar still teaches his craft to anyone willing to learn. Kellar led the project to rebuild and renovate Harken Keep and is good friends with the Baron.
6. Tower of Green Flame: A mysterious crystal spire rising above the town, this tower is thought to be the former home of an archmage who departed the world to explore other planes. Townsfolk avoid the place for the most part, fearing arcane traps or curses. Of the few explorers brave enough the venture inside, more than one has disappeared and the rest found the place empty —three small unfurnished floors, eerie green phosphorescence plays about the tower’s upper floors.
7. Harkenwold Trading Station: The major mercantile outlet in Harken, the Trading Station is owned by Rennis. Most major goods can be found here, but Rennis’ prices seem to be a bit high.
8. House of Faith: A large temple built by an adventuring cleric many years ago, the House of Faith has shrines dedicated to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis, and Sehanine.
9. Nonnie’s Place: Nonnie is a halfling who runs a small inn with a kitchen and common room. Visitors can stay here for 5sp for room and board.


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