Gardbury Downs

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The Gardbury Downs

The foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks gained their current name after the once famous Gardmore Abbey, that now lies in ruin. Covered in light forest and grassland, the Downs are home to scattered Kobold Tribes, who until recently, largely kept away from the King’s Road. Travellers, of course, give a wide berth to Gardmore Abbey, as a small Orc tribe is thought to have taken up residence in the ruins of the old town.

The Gardbury Downs were also the site of the ill-fated attempt to repel the incoming Orc horde during the Bloodspear War ninety years ago. The defeat of Fallcrest’s army in these lands left the rest of the Nentir Vale open to the sword and torch of the Orcs.

Gardbury Downs

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