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Empire of Nerath: A Short History

The Empire of Nerath was the first empire to arise out of the ashes of the Dragonborn realm of Arkhosia, and the Empire of Bael Turath of the Tieflings long after they collapsed. Nerath was centered around the city of Nera in to the south of the Nentir Vale, and was created with a great hope of tolerance and unity amongst the peoples of the world.

Nerath is said to have existed for approximately five hundred years before a rapid decline and collapse between 100 and 150 years ago, for reasons that still remain unclear.

Still, for the Nentir Vale, the towns of Fallcrest, Winterhaven, and the barony of Harkenwold were established under the Empire of Nerath, all connected by the King’s Road When the Empire fell, these communities were left to fend for themselves. Despite invasions like the Bloodspear War, these communities still try to eke out an existence, somehow carrying on the ideals that the empire they were once part of.

Empire of Nerath

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