Elemental Chaos

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The Elemental Chaos

(from the Manual of the Planes pg. 62)
The Elemental Chaos is the raw material of creation, from which the universe arose. Untouched by the stabilizing divine influence that formed the world into more-or-less permanent state, the Elemental Chaos is a roiling tempest of matter and energy. At times, areas coalesce into coherent shapes and terrain, but much of it resembles a stormy sea of churning destruction. The Chaos is both the foundation of the world, and the greatest threat to its existence. By its nature, it seeks to pull the created world apart in a constant effort to unmake and make itself anew.

Some locations within the Elemental Chaos have become stable enough to be hospitable to life. There are even reports of mortal realms existing within this constantly shifting plane. Yet the greatest threat to the universe itself lies in the lowest realms of the seething mass, where the untamed power of the Elemental Chaos gives way to the malevolent forces of annihilation, the swirling depths of the Abyss.

Elemental Chaos

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