Daggerburg Goblins

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The Daggerburg Goblins

The precise location of the fortress of Daggerburg is known only to the gobins, hobgoblins and bugbears. They inhabit the western Harken Forest, and are occasionally responsible for acts of banditry in hit-and-run raids. Raiding parties often ride Battle Worgs for their swift hit-and-run tactics. Others are well known as ambushers, adept at remaining unseen before launching their very effective attacks.

Recent Developments

It seems as if the Iron Circle has managed to strike an alliance of sorts with Daggerburg, although the precise details remain unknown. There is a known encampment presently near Tor’s Hold, and they have been raiding harassing residents in eastern Harkenwold for the past few weeks. Prior to the Iron Circle‘s coup, the Baron’s retinue of soldiers were able to keep the goblins at bay. Now that the goblins have an ally in the present ruling forces in the dale, they are able to operate with much greater freedom.

Daggerburg Goblins

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