Cairngorm Peaks

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The Cairngorm Peaks


While no save haven of their own, the Cairngorm Peaks serve as a buffer between the Nentir Vale and the Stonemarch to the west. While nowhere as steep or as treacherous as the eastern Dawnforge Mountains, the Cairngorm’s natural barrier stems more out of the fact that most of the creeks and rivers run north, into Lake Wintermist. As such, passes and paths into the Stonemarch are limited, forcing any marauding bands into a lengthy and windy road into the Nentir Vale.

Home to several small tribes of kobolds, the peaks are known to be home to at least one dragon who may hold some sway over these tribes. Perytons, trolls, and other fearsome and mysterious beasts are also known to inhabit this rugged land.

Cairngorm Peaks

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