Bloodspear War

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The Bloodspear War

While many events have been significant in the life of the Nentir Vale, the Bloodspear War remains the single event that has defined the landscape for the past ninety years.

Ten years after the “official” fall of the Empire of Nerath, the Orcs of the Bloodspear clan, sensing weakness and an opportunity swept across the Cairngorm Peaks and into the Nentir Vale. As Gardmore Abbey had fallen nearly six decades before, no significant force was left to defend the vale. As a desperate gamble, forces from Fallcrest met the marauding Orcs in the Gardbury Downs. Defeated and scattered, nothing was left to prevent the horde from pillaging the countryside. Fallcrest was razed, and orc bands sacked the countryside.

Fortunately, if it can be called such, orcs have a tendency to fight amongst themselves if there is no one left to fight. Eventually, the tribe stretched itself out too thinly, and if anything “lost interest” in the region. Some returned to the Stonemarch, while other bands took up residence in various places in the vale.

Abandoned homesteads and ruined castles in the Nentir Vale today are the greatest evidence of the Bloodspear War. Fallcrest has rebuilt, but remains a shadow of its former self.

Bloodspear War

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