Astral Sea

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The Astral Sea

The Astral Sea floats above the world, an ocean of silvery liquid with the stars visible beneath the shallow sea. A place of ethereal beauty, and terrifying locations, the Astral Sea occupies the space “above” the world. It appears as an ocean suspended in a starfield, with mists and clouds above and below the horizon. Veils of colour both hide and give passage to the various astral dominions.

The Astral Sea is the birthplace of the beings of power known as the gods. For most, they dwell in dominions shaped by their own thought. Some are reminiscent of the visions of the divine afterlife, while others are literally hellish pits of fire and brimstone.

As peaceful as the Astral Sea may look, it is still fraught with danger. The remnants of the Dawn War still float between the realms, and legends of enormous creatures in the ether abound.

Astral Sea

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