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Population: 180

4The second-largest village in Harkenwold, Albridge stands where the King’s Road crosses the White River. Albridge is home to Harkenwold’s primary market square, where merchants and farmers bring their goods and their wares to trade.

The center of resistance to Iron Circle rule, the rebel leader in Albridge is Dar Gremath, a retired adventurer. Rebels have been gathering arms and armour, exchanging messages with disgruntled folk in other villages, and posting lookouts to report on Iron Circle movements throughout the countryside.

Locations of Note

  1. Old Tower: The old tower was once a post for soldiers that once guarded the bridge in years past. The roof collapsed long ago, leaving the interior open to the weather, but the walls are still sound.
  2. Erst the Wainwright: Located south of the River. Farming goods, especially carts, wagons and wheelbarrows are available here.
  3. Gerrad’s House: Home to the village elder, Gerrad and his wife are weavers of garments of all kinds. He sells most of his wares through the common room of the Mallard Inn across the square.
  4. Village Green: The large open space in the center of town serves as a market on most days. Merchant caravans use the green as a campsite if they’re too big to fit in the Mallard’s innyard.
  5. Kathrid’s Smith: The town Blacksmith, Kathryd is a dwarf who once served as a guard in Hammerfast when she was younger. Kathryd can supply nearly any form of metal goods, and enjoys her work deeply.
  6. The Mallard Inn: A small inn and taphouse, a good place to find room and board in Albridge.
  7. White River Mercantile: A trading post on the edge of the market square. This shop handles a lot of the trade that moves in and out of town, including goods from Fallcrest. Most mundane equipment other than armour or weapons can be found here.
  8. Gremath Stables: Livery and stable for much of Albridge’s horses for those who live in the village. Run by Dar Gremath.


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