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The Abyss

In the deepest reaches of the Elemental Chaos, the seething energy and matter of the elemental forces begin to change. A slow downward spiral moving towards total annihilation at its core. The Abyss is a swirling vortex of destruction, dragging everything down towards its heart.

It is said, that a mad god, planted a shard of pure evil in these lower depths of the Elemental Chaos. Drawing on the raw power of this plane, this shard swirled and spiralled downward, forming the untold layers of the Abyss. This god was punished, imprisoned, and exiled beyond all time and space. It is said that the prospect of his escape keeps even the gods awake. Still, the legacy of the abyss, Those primordials and elementals who ventured into the Abyss became the demon princes and demons that are so rightly feared today.

The demons are the embodiment of the Abyss, destruction and annihilation is their goal. Even those demons seeking to rule over others only do so in order to gain more power to wreak even greater destruction. It is said that even the devils would gladly side with the angels to thwart any efforts of the demon princes. Perhaps the only saving grace is that by their very nature, the demons war amongst themselves.


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