Douven Stahl


How the Characters know Douven Stahl

At minimum, all of you know OF Douven Stahl in that he’s an enthusiastic explorer of area history. It often means that he’s out exploring old ruins, and occasionally uncovering artifacts or treasure. Heskan and Ankh, he was a welcome face in [[Fallcrest.]] As Dragonborn you two aren’t native to the area, and Douven became a contact for you to do some work for the Halfmoon halfling merchant guild. They pay reasonably well, and they also contributed to the commissioning of your group to investigate his disappearance and eliminate the Kobold Threat on the west [[King’s Road.]]

For Aeren, you have a distant family connection to one of the old abandoned manor houses in the Moon Hills to the south of Fallcrest. You may even hold title to one of these pieces of property, but so far your searches for the title deed have proved fruitless. Douven Stahl knows the ruins of these manors, and you were in contact with him and learning about the area before he disappeared.

For Brindle, you have a direct family connection to Fallcrest, having been raised on a farm south of the town. Douven Stahl trained you in your youth, and recommended your apprenticeship with the town watch.

For Marcus, similar to Heskan and Ankh, you do periodic work for a merchants guild, although in this case, it’s with House Azazer. The Azazers are one of two Tiefling merchant families in Fallcrest, the Naerumars being the other. Given your particular, um, interest, the Azazers are a good fit. Douven Stahl has done some artifact recovery for the Azazers and the Naerumars, and taught you at least in part in your skill in Arcana.

The players found and rescued Douven Stahl at the Dragon burial site, but discovered additional clues of something much darker at place. Currently Douven is convalescing in Winterhaven.

Douven Stahl

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