Agatheron's Points of Light

Our First Day...

Summary - May 18 2012

The adventure began with five heroes on the King’s Road between Fallcrest and Winterhaven. In recent months, there has been a noted increase in bandit raids on wagons travelling this particular route. Caravans have had to increase their guard, but resources remain tight. Towns are largely left on their own since the fall of the Empire of Nerath. As such, merchant houses in Fallcrest, namely house Azaer, Naerumar, and the Halfmoon Halflings sponsored several groups to investigate the bandit raids, and to put a stop to it if possible. With the blessing of Lord Markelhay, a handful of small groups struck out in different directions for their own fortune and glory.

Our adventurers, Aeren, Ankh, Brindle, Marcus, and Heskan came together and agreed to cover the route that would take them to Winterhaven. They had an ulterior motive of their own. While each of them came from different sponsors within Fallcrest, they all were concerned for their mentor Douven Stahl who had travelled to Winterhaven several months ago, but has not been heard from since.

A five day walk west of Fallcrest, their trip to Winterhaven was remarkably uneventful. Just as they were beginning to think that they had lucked out, within a half-day’s walk from the western village, they were set upon by a band of Kobold Brigands. The attack was clumsy, but the ferocity of the Kobolds was unusual. The group fended off the brigands, but any attempt to subdue and capture them failed. The kobolds seemed unusually afraid of failure, preferring death than to have to come back to “Irontooth” empty handed.

Following their skirmish, the group made it to Winterhaven before nightfall. They established themselves at Wrafton’s Inn, where they began to talk to the locals about the bandits they had encountered. They also began to ask questions about their lost friend and mentor Douven Stahl.

After spending a day meeting some of the townsfolk, the group tracked down Eilian the Old, who had drawn a map for Douven to find what was thought to be the burial site of a Dragon. They also were in contact with Lord Padraig, who commissioned them in tracking down and eliminating the Kobold lair. Padraig’s own guard force, the Winterhaven Regulars had their hands full keeping the town itself secure, and lacked the resources to clear out the lair.

Determining that they would first explore the Dragon burial site to see if they could find clues to the whereabouts of their mentor, the group made their way back along the King’s Road where they were ambushed by a group of Kobolds that were much better equipped than their previous encounter. They fended them off, but not unscathed.

It left them a choice, go after the burial site, or track down and eliminate the Kobold Threat for good…



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